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Strategies for Online Poker Tournaments

Strategies for Online Poker Tournaments

Tournaments in Texas Hold’em are becoming increasingly popular. Several poker players earn a lot of money in that game. If you want to become one of these semi-professionals, read on. You will find useful tips and secrets that will improve your game more than you thought. You must remember that Sit and Go tournaments have different phases or stages, and you must customize your game according to the different stages. If you do not, your deposits will be more than your withdrawals.

Early stages:

Now the blinds are small, and this does not greatly affect your game. You have to play hard and let your opponents make mistakes. You can see 3 players all-in in the first round. Do not do this if you do not have AA. The position is very important, and you should never enter the well, calling if you are not in the small blind. Always go up if you have a good hand. As the blinds increase, they become increasingly important.

Middle stages:

Now the blinds are relatively high, and stealing the blinds can be a profitable strategy, but be careful, you cannot steal blinds with shit cards in all rounds. You have to be selective. The POKER ONLINE have become much more intense and you will have to wait for big pairs or other powerful hands. If you take a strong hand that must rise or rise again, never call. You will not have the opportunity to support a draw by hand. When you meet a weaker player, he will not have the opportunity to adjust his game, and will continue to play his hands, as in the same suit. This is your chance to take your chips.

Final or final stages

Now you are in ITM or in the bubble. Now the game can be described as a bending game. Any card is an all-inclusive potential. It is important that you read your opponents well, which will make it easier for you when you try to steal the blinds or defend your own blinds. The position is extremely important and it is practically forbidden to place a bet, either increase or withdraw. In the end, you and your last opponent face to face. If you are the chip leader and your opponent goes up, you should consider going back up so that your opponent has everything inside.


Being a good tournament player is different from being successful in cash games. Playing in the strategy of sitting and playing, you will not get rich. Well, you can win some tournaments, but you won’t win much money. You will have to learn Sit and Go strategies if you want to succeed.